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What is GIS Taiwan?

GIS Taiwan(Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan) is an international student conference found by college students in Taiwan and takes place every summer (mostly in July). Each year the host team will set a main topic and a few subtopics, for all the delegates to express their point of view and to discuss. During this week-long conference, exposure to local culture and activities are also included. So GIS Taiwan is a great chance to make friends around the world who share the same interest, and also to explore the amazing facts of Taiwan.

How can I participate in GIS Taiwan?

First go on the website and register yourself as a member. Next, choose a topic you are more interested in and write an essay or action plan based on the topic (of course before the deadline). Then we will select a certain amount of delegates to join the conference based on the essays. And also we will help them on visa subsidy on plane ticket and insurance.

How do I know if I uploaded the essay successfully?

When you registered, you’ll get a “pin number”. Always remember your pin number, for checking if your essay is successfully uploaded.

How can I prove that I am a college student?

If you are selected as a delegate, please bring your certification of enrollment with you to Taiwan, and hand it in at the first day of conference.

What is the “poster” supposed to do? Is it necessary for applying the GIS Taiwan?

Poster is used in an essential activity during the conference, which is “essay exhibition”. All the delegates used a poster to share their idea with each other. So please upload your poster in case you forget to bring it to Taiwan. But the delegates will be selected only based on their essays.