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Standing on the basis of Taiwan, GIS Taiwan seeks to gather present and potential future leaders of the world to share their forward looking, concrete and innovative ideas and awareness on both regional and global scale. Further, through discussing feasible and effective approaches to the challenges and trends the global community faces, we wish to see actions being taken in a sure-footed manner.


National Taiwan University, GIS Taiwan Host Team


July 8th ~ 11th, 2013


National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan


100 students will be selected through an Action Plan competition. Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students, and must not be born prior to 1978.

Topic and Subtopics
Strategy under Competition
  1. Deconstruct
  2. Benefiting Yourself by Benefiting Others
  3. Maximize through Competitiveness

For more information about the annual topic, please visit the topic page.

Official Language

English will be used during the conference as the official language.

Application Deadline

Different deadlines are applied for each type of participants. Please visit the corresponding pages under "Participating" category.

Announcement of Results

Qualified participants will be notified via e-mail in early May of 2013.