Local Foreign Student Program « Participating

GIS Taiwan seeks to embrace all kinds of creative and constructive ideas on both regional and global scale; therefore, this year we establish “Local Foreign Student Program” as a new means to enrich the opinion dimensions. By comparing different competition situations that vary with countries, we hope to stimulate effective ideas of the strategy under competitions.


Undergraduate or graduate students who are not from Taiwan and live in here currently. Students who do not live in Taiwan are also welcome, but you have to afford accommodation fees.

Registration due on 6/30.

How to register:

Fill in your application form on the website and submit your essay

Registration Fee:

3000 NTD.

Discount is available: If you note in the application thatyou and your friends enroll this program, you can get a discount with your number of applicants. The discount will be based on the name list of registration rather than ultimate outcome of qualified participants.

  • Course with the opening banquet :If you attend the event without absence, we will refund 1500NTD as guarantee money.
  • Course without the opening banquet:If you attend the whole event without absence, we will refund 2000NTD as guarantee money.
  • Applicants 2 3 4
    Fee for each person 2700NTD 2500NTD 2300NTD

    Designated Essay:

    Based on the concept of "Strategy under Competition", please submit two essays of the following topics within 250 words each.

    A. How does your country cope with a certain kind of competing situation?
    B. In light of your recognition, what is the difference between this strategy and the one in Taiwan?

    Criteria for Evaluation:

    GIS Taiwan will select 60 qualified participants in terms of the analysis and logic of the argument, the innovation of thoughts, and the feasibility of topic selection.