Catch a glimpse of the future -- Meeting Masters « Pre-Symposiums

By Gabriella Lin

The world is changing, and the young generations have lots of crises and obstacles than ever. We must find out some ways to deal with those difficult. Our new topic in 2013—“Strategy under competition”, is exactly to do with the circumstances that we are faced today. However, before getting an insight into the topic, we should learn more about the world tendency, the balance between competition and cooperation and the abilities that we have to be equipped with. According to this concern, we have held a series of activities named “Catch a glimpse of the future” in December 2012 including student salon and meeting masters.

In the section called meeting masters, there were two speeches. The first one, we have invited Sure A. Lee, the general manager of Epson in Taiwan, and Yee-Ming Chang, the chief strategy officer of PakLee Foundation, to talk about the rising trends which could influence our future lives. Mr. Lee has shared his own experience about setting up the Epson in Taiwan and has become the first Taiwanese being the GM in Epson overseas. Moreover, he has told us the new technology and the concepts of the green energy industry. Apart from these, Mr. Chang has introduced the power of media in the coming world. He has shown many examples about how to use media properly and efficiently. This speech has broadened our vision to a more magnificent landscape.

The second speech has been on 20th December. We have invited Chi Shen Ho, the vice president of the 1111 human resources service, and the distinguished professor Liang-Gee Chen from the department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University. Mr. Ho has told us some useful skills to ask about a job and the best attitude of a new employee is no more than honesty and sincerity. Besides, Professor Chen has depicted the development and usages in the future of cloud computing and told young students how to manage different kinds of tasks in the college. The main point of this speech is to deepen our own roots and to be confident but also grateful. Through “Meeting Masters”, we have introduced Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan to more and more people. And we have gotten some advices about holding more activities like these two speeches from the audiences. This is the time for the next generation to be aware of our own responsibilities and situations in the world nowadays. We believe that attending the Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan is one of the best ways for students to do so. So, what are you waiting for? Just register the delegate now and join us! :)