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GIS Taiwan 2013 uses EasyChair conference system for proposal and action plan submissions. Here is a brief tutorial to submitting on EasyChair.

Before we start, there are some points you should know about.

  1. Submission ≣ Registration: Submitting a proposal is equivalent to registering at GIS Taiwan. No explicit "registration" action is needed before you submit your proposal
  2. Read delegate page: Make sure you are eligible for application and know the deadlines.

Submission steps

2. Sign in GIS Taiwan 2013

Sign-in here at EasyChair. After signing-in, you will become an author who can create submissions in GIS Taiwan 2013.

3. Create a New Submission

Click "New Submission".

4. Select a Track

Choose one of the two plans for delegate registration to continue. Details of the two plans are in delegate page.

5. Fill in Information

Please fill in the below information, then click "Submit".

By submitting the proposal, you agree with our copyright terms.

Address for Correspondence We will use this address to mail you important notifications if we cannot reach you with E-mail.
Author Just fill in Author 1 and leave other authors blank. We will contact you using the E-mail address you filled in here.
Title Your proposal title.
Abstract Repeat the track title. i.e. "Earlybird - Proposal" or "Normal - Proposal".
Keywords Enter arbitary three words, one per line. Something as simple as the following would do:
Paper Pick up your proposal in your computer here. Only PDF and doc/docx files are accepted.

6. You're Done :)

When you see this page, you have successfully submitted your proposal. We will notify you using E-mail in the future!

The essay submission (either action plan A or B) will be available as new tracks. The submission steps for the essay will be the same.