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    National Taiwan University

    Being the largest and the most influencial university in Taiwan, National Taiwan University(NTU) has produced numerous brilliant scholars, including the first Taiwanese Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Yuan-Tseh Lee, heads of state, and entrepreneurs.

    Collaborative Organization

      Ministry of Economic Affairs

      In order to lead technological R&D innovation, break ground on industrial technology development, and reinforce national competitiveness, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) established the Science and Technology Advisory Office as per the Science and Technology Development Program in 1979, the predecessor of the present Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT).

      Institute for Information Industry

      In 1979, III was incorporated as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) through the joint efforts of public and private sectors, to support the development/applications of the information industry as well as the information society in Taiwan.


      National Taiwan University Alumni Association

      Established in 1962, National Taiwan University Alumni Association aims to keep alumni in touch by holding various activities, and unite them, both domestic and overseas, for the betterment of NTU and the society.

      CyberLink Corporation

      Founded in 1996, CyberLink Corp. is the world’s leading multimedia software company and pioneer in video and audio technologies on PCs and portable devices including tablets and smartphones.

      Franz Collection Inc.

      Founded in June 2002 and headquartered in downtown San Francisco, Franz Collection Inc. designs, creates and markets a variety of functional and home decor accessories. The collection includes porcelain tableware, vases and decorative accents, as well as a line of exquisite jewelry.

      Prince Housing & Development Corp.

      Prince Construction Company was established in September 1973 in Tainan, Taiwan. It was invested by Tainan Textile, Uni-President, Universal Cement Corporation and other well-known enterprises. Mr. Wu, Hsui-Chi was appointed as the CEO of the company and Chuang Nantian was appointed as the general manager.
      The main business is to invest in many constructions residential commercial buildings, tourist hotels, industrial park development, indoor sports and leisure facilities and public parking lot infrastructures. The headquarter was established in Tainan 1973 and many branch offices were also established in Taipei (1974), Taichung (1978), and Kaoshiung (1979). The company went on publicly listed in 1991, become one of the very few construction companies that have offices in the country. The company has been established for more than 1/3 of the century. Many high quality residential were built with careful planning and scruntized contruction.
      In addition to the high sales record in construction sector, Prince construction recently started to invest in hotel tourism industry and BOT development projects to expand its business scale. In turns, the company will also have a steady profit gains from other business and sustain the business growth.