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« Strategy under Competition » - 2013 Annual Topic

This is an era of intense competition, with each and every individual in a state of contention and competition. Different groups and factions contend with one another for the limited resources; a natural phenomenon observable since the beginning of life. Competition is the quintessential driving force for progress; however, with the changes of our world accelerating at an ever faster pace, the definition and boundaries of the term can become rather blurry and ambiguous. Therefore, the diverse and variety of forms of competition needs to be examined in depth, enabling us to formulate profitable strategies in face of different situations.

Some circumstances require you to play your strengths and go beyond simple pursuit of self-interest, but rather achieve this goal through an overall enhancement of all interest groups. However, sometimes due to the constraints of technology, the overall value/benefit cannot substantially increase, sometimes stalled. If this were to occur, efficient allocation of resources is needed in order for respective interest groups and individuals to continue to benefit.

Hence this year’s topic "Strategy under Competition" hopes to combine the different perspectives, theories, and experiences of delegates from rich variety fields of studies, with the aim of stimulating new ideas, and finding possible ways of bilateral gains through competition. Throughout the conference, we encourage for delegates to think in other’s shoes, being able to come up with practical solutions in face of different forms of competitions.


We live in a world of competition, it can be seen everywhere, from the contention between two individuals to the power struggles of nations on the international arena. Competition extends beyond the human realm; contention is just as fierce between man and environment as well as all living organisms, if not more. Examples of competition include entrepreneurial grapple between companies, diplomatic fencing between nations, or the aforementioned man versus nature tug-of-war.

Benefiting Yourself by Benefiting Others

Within society, contention occurs for the pursuit of interest, with all seeking to maximize their benefits. However owing to the tight-knit nature of societies, seeking interest purely for oneself may harm those of the society. In such instances, the purpose of competition should not solely aim at beating competitors or monopolizing the benefits, but rather seeking strategies allowing for coexistence and even mutually benefitting, allowing for an overall increase prosperity. In a competitive environment, is it possible for contenders to look beyond competition, promote interest for the greater good, and thus increasing benefits of their own?

Maximize through Competitiveness

Breakthroughs are not common phenomenon, the improvement of general interest may be restricted by various factors, for example, science and technology development. Since resources shared by groups and individuals are limited, the allocation of resources may not be efficient. In that case, what strategies or actions can be taken to obtain a dominant position, reallocate resources, and maximize self-beneficence?